MINDI FURNITURE MANUFACTURE located on Jl. Soekarno-Hatta Km 6, Annual Jepara Central Java, Indonesia. Mindi furniture manufacturer is a Kharisma Jati Group member. Another story Mindi Furniture specializes in producing indoor furniture made from Mindi wood. Since Mindi furniture manufacture has an area of  1 (one) hectare production unit.

The area of  processing logs into raw materials ready for rafts covering an area of 1500 square meters. The wood board drying room is 4 rooms, with a capacity of 20 cubic meters per room. Further more assembling area of 2000 square meters, coloring and packaging area of  3500 square meters. Storage area and administration office building area of  approximately 3000 square meters.

Mindi furniture manufacture has experienced in producing furniture especially made from Mindi wood (Melia Azedarach) since 1998. A very long journey in achieving perfection in furniture production capability. Because key to our success in staying in the furniture business is the ability to innovate. And always follow the development of furniture design trends that are needed by the furniture market. Because we always developing, especially in the field of model design.

Mindi Furniture Manufacture Designer

We were prepare a team of designers that accommodate the needs and obligations to meet the needs of consumer demand for furniture users. Therefore team that works to ensure that the wishes of buyers and users have been fulfilled 100%.

Because not only in terms of models, our designer team will also ensure that furniture designs are safe to use. Ergonomic design and high durability from impact and daily use. Because this team will work intensively to accommodate buyers’ requests, especially in terms of size or detail.

Solid Mindi (Melia azedarach. L) Furniture regularly provides design team members opportunity  to take part in training, education related to furniture design. Although we noticed an increase in human resources and our investment has had an extraordinary impact. Therefore speed of furniture production starts from the performance of our design team.

Mindi furniture Manufacture Production Line

Further more production is carried out in 2 types of production. Production of full machine made and semi machine made system furniture. Carpentry machines have been laid ergonomically. Improve performance and production efficiency.

Therefore quality control is carried out strictly in every part of the production phase. From the quality of the material used, the quality of workmanship and the quality of the size. Each stage of production is placed by one supervisor in charge of ensuring the production process runs well.

Therefore we produce high quality products. Experienced and educated carpenters. Have been supported with very adequate production machine tools. We have a production capacity of approximately 8 40 feet High Cube containers per month, mixed models and sizes.

Therefore Mindi Furniture manufacture open invite you to work with us. wherever your furniture sales market destination. Because Mindi Furniture is a trusted production company in Indonesia. Best Quality, Best Time Production and best price is our work motto. We were able to work for hotel, office and hospital project, also custom model for house.