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Marked as answer by mvr05 Friday, June 10, PM. Wednesday, June 8, AM. Hi Eve, Thanks for the reply. Now when I go to the dashboard and I select customize backup for any of the client computers I immediately get the dialog box: The backup was not successfully setup.

There are three files that were recreated by the system in the client backup folder commit. Edited by mvr05 Wednesday, June 8, PM spelling. I finally have the backups running again after the purge of the backup files described above.

First I had to shut down all the client boxes and wait for the server status to indicate all were offline. Rebooted the server and let it sit for a few minutes. Bring the client PCs up. Now I could run the backup setup process on two of the clients from the server dashboard. These clients now complete a manual backup. The third box, win10, still had the “backup not successfully setup” condition when trying to configure backup for the box.

Reboot the PC. Setup backup, then run manual backup. Now it is also working. A download manager is recommended for downloading multiple files.

Would you like to install the Microsoft Download Manager? Generally, a download manager enables downloading of large files or multiples files in one session. Many web browsers, such as Internet Explorer 9, include a download manager. Stand-alone download managers also are available, including the Microsoft Download Manager.

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VSS does support creating snapshots of volumes on a virtual hard disk VHD , if backup of the virtual volume is necessary. The backup process should be scheduled during a time when as few people as possible are using their networked computers. This is usually during the late evening or early morning hours. The default time for backup is PM until AM. The server attempts to back up client computers only during the scheduled window of time.

However, if your business is active during these traditionally off hours, you may want to change these default settings. In Windows Server Essentials, this task has been renamed Client computer backup tasks. In Client computer backup settings and tools , on the Computer Backup tab, you can change the start and end times to meet your needs. Daily backups of all your computers accumulate on your server over time. To help you manage these backups, Windows Server Essentials can help you manage the database of computer backups.

You can configure how many backups to keep for all your computers. The backup retention policy determines how long a backup is kept before it is deleted during the backup cleanup process. Backup cleanup runs at PM every Saturday. It deletes all the backups that fall outside the backup retention policy.

The defaults for the backup retention policy are:. Retain daily backups for 5 days. The first backup of the day is retained as the daily backup. After 5 days, the oldest daily backup is deleted in the cleanup process. Retain weekly backup for 4 weeks. The first backup of the week is retained as the weekly backup. After 4 weeks, the oldest weekly backup is deleted in the cleanup process.

Retain monthly backups for 6 months. The first backup of the month is retained as the monthly backup. After 6 months, the oldest monthly backup is deleted in the cleanup process. In Client computer backup settings and tools , in the Client computer backup retention policy section, make the changes to the retention policy that meets your needs.

When you finish, click OK to apply the changes and close the dialog box. The updated retention policy will be applied the next time that backup cleanup runs. The updated retention policy applies to all of the client computers on your network that are configured for backup. After backup is configured for client computers, the network administrator may have specified a different window of time. Similarly, the administrator may have specified a longer or shorter backup retention time than the default.

The Reset to defaults button lets you reset the backup window and retention policy to the defaults provided during initial backup configuration. On the Computer Backup tab of the Client computer and backup settings and tools page, click Reset to defaults.

You may want to write down the customized schedule and retention policy settings because they will be gone when you reset to the default settings. Repair backups: If the database of computer backups becomes corrupt or unusable for some reason, you can attempt to repair the database by using the Repair the Backup Database Wizard. The wizard analyzes the backup files to determine if there are any issues that can be repaired.

The wizard then attempts to fix any issues that are found. Computer recovery: You can create a bootable USB flash drive to use to restore a computer from an existing backup. After the bootable USB flash drive is created, you insert it into the computer that you want to restore, and then boot to the USB flash drive to start the full system restore process. If you receive an alert telling you that the computer backup database has issues, you can attempt to repair it. In Client computer backup settings and tools , click the Tools tab.

In the Repair backups section, click Repair now. The Repair the Backup Database Wizard opens. Depending on how large the backup database is, the database repair can take several hours.

In the Tasks pane, click Customize Backup for the computer. The Customize Backup Wizard appears. Click Disable backup for this computer , and then select whether you want to keep or delete the existing backup files.

For information about how to enable backup for a computer after backup has been disabled, see Set up backup for a client computer. The client computer backup cleanup task is scheduled to run at PM every Saturday after all backups are complete. Microsoft Azure. Azure Migration Program Try Azure for free. System Center.

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Windows server 2012 r2 essentials client backup free download

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