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Evil is a psychological horror game developed by moddb user ‘Nameless’ with use of the Unity game engine. Well as a matter of fact The only thing this game does well is making stuff look disturbing; other then that the game is of very poor quality.

There is as well a lack of control over the character like no running. Also it would be good at this point that all you do in this game is walk though a map, there’s no puzzles, no enemies, nothing to run away from or find, just slowly walk through a map and hope to be scared. At first I thought this game had a good idea, but the problem was, it was poorly executed like some games, sadly.

But then I noticed the game reminded me of ‘Afraid of monsters’ and ‘Cry of Fear’ by ‘Team psykskallar’, but it not only reminded me of those games, the whole idea was taken from those games. Whilst the version I played from this review is only version one v1 of the game, I really don’t believe the creator will improve the game by that much. Get yours before they run out by clicking here. CraftFighter is a 2D fighting game made by CraftStudio.

As hinted in the title, it is set in the universe of Minecraft. CraftFighter is a very simple fighter game, there are four different attack moves which are all the same for each character. The game has both a single-player mode and multi-player mode, but the game was meant for the multiplayer with friends. Everything about the game is arcade-like, the graphics, and music which all fit in together and make this game what it is, a fighter game.

The only complaint I have is that this game is only meant for beginners into the genre of fighting games. If you’re more of an advanced player when it comes to fighter games you’ll become annoyed by the lack of fighting moves, how each character feels the same with fighting, and the lack of settings to tweak a match to your liking. All in all, if you haven’t played many fighter games, or enjoy the theme of Minecraft, you’ll love CraftFighter. The story is very similar to Ao Oni, except for the fact that you’re a scientist and not a student like in the original that goes to a haunted house to prove that there is no such things as monsters, but is proven wrong once confronted by a Kuro Oni which means black demon in Japanese.

There is no story mentioned in the game, it’s only mentioned on the games ‘ moddb ‘ page, but in no way did not having any story in the game affect how I thought about it.

If you have a basic understanding of Ao Oni’s story then you’ll understand Kuro Oni without having to read up the story. The game has a very silent atmosphere to it, but does play some horror-like music from time to time when playing.

It never pops up in front of you or jumps out of something that you can see. When the music starts he will always start chasing you from behind. So by how this is set up the player is more scared of the music than of seeing the Kuro Oni.

Graphically, Kuro Oni, looks quite good for a game with the use of advanced graphical techniques such as bump mapping and light reflections, but the use of techniques such as these come as expected when the game is made with the popular Unity 3d game engine. The only complaints I have to mention about Kuro Oni is the 3d model used for the characters aren’t exactly convincingly scary characters since they’re very smooth looking and not exactly high poly either but what do you expect from a free game?

Overall I was quite pleased with the game but wasn’t entirely convinced that the Ao Oni idea should be 3D, since I found the 2D version to work better in about every single way. But since the game is still being developed, the creator will possibly make it even better than the 2D at some time in the future. The ideas and opinions brought up in this review relate to version 1. The concept is very original, as well as the setting. You play as a schizophrenic that his caught inside her own deranged mind and the game world is a large building appropriately titled the Maze of Pain and Fear.

This is just a representation of your disturbed mind and you have to navigate from the lower parts of the building up to the top, hopefully to be healed or set free. But this journey has many dangers, such as the monsters in your head which will freeze and pull you towards them, eventually killing you. You have to collect the pieces of your mind, meaning glowing orbs in some trees, which will be used to unlock some doors and keep you moving forward. One of the most amazing things in this free game besides being free and of such high quality is the visuals.

The mood is just fantastic, particularly the first stage with all the sticky notes on the walls, but there are other, more hellish maps to explore.

From the Digipen Institute of Technology comes another interesting free game, this time one that seems to take inspiration from the Slender generation.

In Stonewick Manor , a first-person adventure horror game you wake up trapped inside a strange mansion. To escape from this haunted place you have to get the keys to some doors and collect the gems that open the main door.

Stonewick Manor has a great atmosphere and some haunting sounds to add to the mix. Gameplay is creepy enough and the designers have to be commended for not resorting to silly jumpscares to frighten the player. The game is, however, very easy and short — you can complete it in 10 minutes without breaking a sweat.

A bigger mansion with more rooms to explore and different settings to marvel at would be very welcome, as well as some creepier cherubs, perhaps with a more demonic twist to them. The perspective is similar to Ib and so is the gameplay. You play as Viola, a young girl that visits a strange house in the woods.

This house conceals a lot of dark secrets and terrible dangers, making Viola wish she never had stepped inside. The Witch’s House is amazingly clever, seldom resorting to simple jump scares and instead focusing on the great atmosphere, impressive sound effects and detailed 2D graphics to create a compelling, unnerving game.

Best of all, there are some snippets of story spread across the house and even those can instill a sense of dread in the player. The nigh-on impossible games seem to be making a comeback, with such titles as Super Meat Boy paving the way to the new generation.

But many years ago these games were commonplace, with a particular series responsible for many curse words and hair-pulling. Maldita Castilla demands an overwhelming persistence and patience to progress and learn where the enemies are coming from and what kind of attacks they have.

Things become even more complex when we know that Locomalito included some tough and resourceful bosses. Luckily, our character will be able to pick up some new weapons and power-ups. Maldita Castilla is a game that was made available for free but ranks as one of the best indie games of At the time of writing multiplayer is only local, but the author is working on the online mode.

You can choose from 3 characters — Noah, Abel and Zeke, each one with different weapons and control methods. Respectively, we have a shotgun, a pistol and a long rifle. A Fistful of Gun features beautiful and smooth retro graphics and fast-paced gameplay, and even includes perks at the end of each level such as death march, speed loader or improvised armor.

Despite being in alpha stage at the time of writing, A Fistful of Gun is already extremely playable, looks nice, sounds great and is just plain fun. Instead of the usual tiny sprites and perplexing maps, we have an adventure game with huge characters and photo-realistic backgrounds. In this episode you get to play as Amber, a 19 year-old girl who is attacked and left for dead in the woods. Walking without an idea as to where you are going, you end up in an ancient asylum deep in the heart of the woods.

But this place holds several secrets that will haunt you and turn this into a memorable journey. Grave Prosperity is a game that looks like it jumped straight from the first years of the Commodore Amiga, with its detailed but awkwardly animated characters, a very bad overlay of these in the background and no resizing according to the distance and some laughable but apparently placeholder voiceovers.

Resolute Dark is a free horror game developed in a single week by indie studio Redev Games. You step into the shoes of a kid who has to find the whereabouts of his parents in his pitch black house. The game begins with the kid waking up to a demonic voice and then everything goes dark. You have to pick up a flashlight and explore the house, facing creepy noises and screams while trying to make sense of what happened to your parents.

The atmosphere in Resolute Dark is very accomplished and the big house gives you a sense of dread that hinders your progress, making you feel anxious before taking a step. Despite some bugs, this is a great horror game that every fan should play.

All free and legal! If you’re looking for quality free PC games, you will find a huge selection right here over free games!

All games are copyright of their respective owners. Labels: Free Game , horror. Labels: giveaway. Craft Fighter. Labels: action , beat’em up , Free Game.

Kuro Oni. Stonewick Manor. Labels: adventure , Free Game , horror. The Witch’s House. Maldita Castilla. Labels: action , Free Game , platformer. A Fistful of Gun. Labels: action , Free Game , multiplayer. Grave Prosperity. Warframe Closed Beta Key Giveaway. Resolute Dark. Subscribe to: Posts Atom. Recommended Free Games. FreePCGamers Tops.


Free pc games 2013


Well, thankfully several developers and publishers have gotten behind the free-to-play business model and in more genres than just MMORPGs. For that dedicated list, check it out over here!

Clearly, your favorite game may not be on the list, so I encourage you all to let me know your personal picks in the comments below! This game started to hit the market last year and you can check out my beta impressions over here. With a solid rig, big monitor and nice headset, this is about the best it gets for mech-combat games.

Somehow, they figured out a way to make it feel incredibly intense and visceral, while avoiding the slow-pace that often plagues mech games. Check out the site right here. This is the most-played game in the world right now, has massive competitions, is featured in professional gaming events, attracts millions of players all-day everyday and continues to grow and get better and better.

Maybe you can go pro? Check out the full site here. Another great perk is that a decent amount of upgrades and skins are available just from playing the game through the leveling system, and Raptr Rewards, without having to pay real money. The game has both a cooperative multiplayer component that takes place in the games massive world, but also has many competitive multiplayer facets. Combat can be both in first and third person.

Also: jetpacks! Check out the official site here. This game provides a lot of content such as a persistent world, huge maps, great graphics, rewarding teamwork and character progression with new perks, weapons, equipment, more powerful vehicles and much more to gain the advantage on the battlefield. The vast scale of Planetside 2 is a marvel to behold as you witness hundreds of thousands of players battling each other across maps stretching for miles and miles.

Planetside 2 will surely satisfy those who are looking to be on the frontlines of an immense and chaotic sci-fi war. Did one of your favorites or most anticipated games not make the list? Let us know your picks in the comments below! Primary Menu. Search for: Search.

Listen to this article. Share this:. Like this: Like Loading David Jagneaux Senior Editor – Experienced and educated are often not words used to describe David, but he throws them around anyways.

He has been playing games since before he could walk and loves to share his thoughts and opinions on the industry as a whole. Contact David at : david thekoalition.


Free pc games 2013


Check out the official site here. This game provides a lot of content such as a persistent world, huge maps, great graphics, rewarding teamwork and character progression with new perks, weapons, equipment, more powerful vehicles and much more to gain the advantage on the battlefield.

The vast scale of Planetside 2 is a marvel to behold as you witness hundreds of thousands of players battling each other across maps stretching for miles and miles. Planetside 2 will surely satisfy those who are looking to be on the frontlines of an immense and chaotic sci-fi war.

Did one of your favorites or most anticipated games not make the list? Let us know your picks in the comments below! Primary Menu. Search for: Search. Listen to this article. Share this:. Like this: Like Loading David Jagneaux Senior Editor – Experienced and educated are often not words used to describe David, but he throws them around anyways. He has been playing games since before he could walk and loves to share his thoughts and opinions on the industry as a whole.

Contact David at : david thekoalition. Now other than the story, the music is the next best thing. All the music was made specifically by members of the development team for this game, and they certain do a good job when it comes to making music that fits in well with the atmosphere of Cry of Fear.

While I think this is a great game and people should play this, its good to play at your own risk as the strong references to depression and suicide may trigger some people. Warframe is based on the same ideas of the Dark Sector universe and offers co-op gameplay where high-tech ninjas fight in a world that blends Manga and Dune. The exciting action gameplay is acrobatic and relentless and immediately captured the attention of over a million players in less than two weeks.

The studio is also constantly adding new features, Warframes the main characters with very different abilities , animations and locations. Warframe is one of the best F2P action shooters of , highly polished and with very compelling gameplay that every kind of player will enjoy. OFF is a unique game which has gained a large cult following due to this. This leads you to purify each level otherwise know as a zone and there are four zones to travel to and purify.

You will fight many bizarre creatures on the quest to purify the zones. These fights are very much turn based, but you can only choose to attack once a loading bar is full to allow you to choose another action. The graphics are certainly interesting, with its monochrome look on characters and its limited colour palette used on the world in the game. The game has many puzzles, very good ones, not like for a mathematical genius, but ones that require you to just really think, then it’s kind of obvious what the answer is.

Anyone could do it if they put their mind to it. The puzzles require pressing blocks or turning switches on and off in a particular order, going through a maze, finding codes and answering quizzes. If gaming on a large, high resolution monitor, the game may actually hurt your eyes as the game itself is set to a strict resolution of x Overall, OFF is such a unique game, you just have to play it, whether you like RPGs or not, this game is actually quite amazing.

Hitman Sniper Challenge is a short free game that was released as a teaser for Hitman Absolution and that proved to be a success among players.

The Agent 47 is on a balcony overlooking a roof-top party and has to take out an important business man, Richard Strong, Jr. Hitman Sniper Challenge may look like a simple game but offers some depth with the score multipliers, online leaderboards, equipment upgrades and secret extras. The students will try to polish the game and add more content, but even as it is, Kraven Manor is a game not to be missed. The design is amazing and the atmosphere is brilliant in every corner of this haunter manor.

That is the concept of having to explore the house to find miniature scale models of the manor rooms, which will be used on the scale model puzzle to create the passageways to the real rooms. This game also takes the clever horror route by focusing on the uneasy and terrifying atmosphere instead of the cheap jumpscare technique. A creature is watching you since the moment you enter the house, revealing itself slowly and at situations that will give you an enormous sense of dread.

By the end of the game, things have become extremely chaotic and unnerving. Kraven Manor is a brilliant piece, a horror game unlike any other. The students that created this game clearly have a great future ahead of them. By mixing QWOP with delicate heart surgery, Bossa Studios managed to create a comedy classic, an operation where everything goes completely wrong and you might as well be performing surgery with a chainsaw.

Who cares? The patient is going to die anyway, if all the tools spread across the operating room are any indication. A good game to have a quick laugh. Some real shows could have that effect on you, so we sympathize with the chicken. Nothing special here, at least until you realize that you control a purple, evil, floating brain with razor sharp teeth.

And for some even stranger reason, the brain has to collect lots of posters along the way. This is, indeed, a game that will make your brain hurt! But hey, what would you expect from a game where you control a potato, a mushroom and a pan? However, if you liked this — some people like sticking needles in their skin, so who are we to argue — then you should know a sequel is in the making.

Lucky you! In fact, DO play them and let us know how it turned out… as soon as you leave the psychiatric ward. At launch Battle for Graxia offers over 25 immortals with new characters added regularly. Besides PvP, this game includes PvE, an interactive replay mode, a player reputation system and achievements, among other features.

Panzar is a free-to-play action MMO set in a dark fantasy world. Powered by the CryEngine 3, Panzar is one of the most stunning games ever created, with high detail placed on the creatures, textures, environments and animation.

This game is a mix of action and MOBA elements, pitting two teams against each other in a combination of 4 races Orcs, Elves, Dwarves and Humans and 8 classes. Striking a good balance in a team is key to win the battles. The game modes at the time of launch are Domination, Siege, King of the Hill and Meteor and most maps support up to 20 players. This game is popular for a particular feature — an all-female cast of elite warriors. Despite a somewhat puerile idea and the aim of selling the game as a mature MMORPG, Scarlet Blade has enough quality to convince players to explore its game world.

This third-person shooter delivers triple-A quality for free, with a persistent character system and 3 classes of ghosts to choose from — Assault, Specialist or Recon — with different play styles to suit every player. Team work is essential to make your squad defeat their enemies, in exciting 16 player online firefights and several game modes.

A fully-fledged statistics system tracks your performance and ranking, with new equipment and skills to be unlocked. Ghost Recon Online has a great focus on social features and the graphical quality also rivals that of retail games. The much anticipated sequel to one of the most popular MMO games is here.

Ragnarok Online 2 is a free MMORPG that tries to take what made the original game one of the most played F2P games ever and update it with the current gameplay mechanics, including a new 3D engine. Although the engine is new, it still manages to keep the charm and colorful anime visuals that helped make the original so loved by players from all over the world.

Players may choose from the first class of jobs, that includes classes such as the Swordsmen, Archer and more, while the second class offers choices that include the Knight and the Ranger, among others. Ragnarok Online 2 is a sequel that builds on the strength of the original and offers many hours of exploration and combat. You can freely switch between the 2D and 3D as you wish, as long as there isn’t any clipping issue when switching to 2D mode.

You switch between both dimensions to progress through the level, bypass obstacles and to evade monsters. When you first encounter one of the few enemies in the game, coming from someone who has played many of the Super Mario games, the first thing you’d do is jump on them, but that is a good way to die in this game.

The way this game allows you to defeat any type of enemy is with a gun that you’re given, and each enemy takes a few shots to kill. There isn’t much more to talk about, the music, graphics both 2D and 3D are all good, but it may take you some time to get use to switching between the 2D and 3D environments.

Overall, if you’ve liked the Super Mario games or at least want a similar experience to Super Paper Mario, Henry Attacks is something you would really enjoy. Do you feel the urge of exploring haunted houses? On the other hand, if you like playing games set in haunted houses, then this is for you. You play as a skeptic scientist that will quickly change his mind about the existence of monsters. Unless you manage to escape, of course. Shame on you. Furniture will move and plates will clatter every time the ghost is near, but the twist is that you can use eye collectibles to share vision with the ghost for a short time – perfect for planning your next move.

The game also randomizes the locations of the bags, eye icons and a key, so the challenge is always new. Yep, Phobia has a story and a mystery for you to solve, both of which are not so common nowadays. Anyway, this game is a success. Also, it places you in the shoes of a guy with a serious coughing problem and that alone managed to scare the hell out of us. And this was Volume 2. Let us know if you liked it, share it with your friends and help us get to make a lot more of these.

Fragment is a free sci-fi first person stealth action game developed by four students using the Unity Engine. As your character, you can create a fragment which is sort of like a portal that looks like you, or a hologram. You can move your fragment around like you would when controlling your own character, then at any time you can switch positions, between you and your fragment.

With the use of the fragment ability you must go through and escape the facility you’re stuck in by sneaking past or eliminating any threats in your path. There isn’t much to talk about – alright graphics, sounds, animations and action.

Though one thing I was disappointed about was the fact the AI only attacks if it sees you, if you cause an explosion they don’t react or even look for the source of what happened, they just follow a strict path. Also the game itself is very short, 12 minutes should be enough to complete it.

Also another thing to add on is the fact that the main menu isn’t friendly to users with a monitor. Fragment is a good game with some clever ideas and deserves a sequel with a longer lasting gameplay. The closed beta weekend will run from Friday April 19th until Sunday April 21st and the keys will only be valid for this weekend. Get your key while they last by clicking here.

SlendyTubbies is a free horror game that spoofs two popular series from different media — the Slenderman game and the Teletubbies. Instead of being chased by the titular Slenderman, the player is chased by Tinky Winky, the purple Teletubby — and he even killed the remaining Teletubbies, which are bound to be scattered across the game map.

The goal of the game is that you, a white Teletubby with a top hat, collect 10 custards. Day is scary, Dusk is scarier and Night is scariest. But the main appeal of SlendyTubbies is the multiplayer option, something that works a lot like the horror game Survivors. As for the rest, this is a pretty straightforward game, one that plays just like any Slender clone.

After this and Spongebob Slendypants, which characters will get the Slender treatment next? Skylands is a 3D platforming game with a unique gliding mechanic made by Dopamine Shot, a team of 5 students. In Skylands you play Ura, a girl trying to find her brother, in a world that isn’t described how it got there or how long it had been there, but this doesn’t need to be described.

Not much needs to be described at all actually, this is probably because of how beautiful and unique the game is. I wouldn’t say the graphics are the most amazing compared to any other game out there, but what I mean, is the graphics work, they look good, and everything together looks beautiful.

Also one thing to mention is the sky, you may not notice it at first but once you begin to fly, and when you see the land juxtaposed with the sky, it reminds you of one of those moments as a child, playing an amazing game and it just looking so good, that you loved it, and have it forever imprinted in your mind. The use of music is amazing, and kind of unique as well.

The music itself is peaceful, but the thing about it the makes it so different to other music in games, is the fact that depending on what part you’re in of the level, lyrics that fit into the music are played to describe a small back story and what the main character Ura is thinking.

I only came across one glitch myself, it happened when I accidentally flew Ura into a rock wall, but for some reason when she fell to the ground she flipped degrees, and then all of a sudden I was walking upside down on the land. This glitch was easily fixed by walking of the edge of the small amount of land and having it respawn me. You might have so problems with the controls, but it doesn’t take to long to master them. Another problem I had was the fact the game was so short, I really wanted more out of it, because it was just so good.

Now on the technical side of the game I know some of you may not understand this , I presume it uses MSAA for anti-aliasing, which is alright, but not when it come to foliage like leaves and grass. I would recommend SMAA for that, since there are sometimes noticeable patches of grass or leaves on trees.

Also I was disappointed by the that the AA feature only had a simple on and off button, and not an amount of definable AA like 2x, 4x, or 8x, because I notice that many objects still have somewhat pixelated edges. Overall, it is still an amazing little game. The game includes several friendship levels, from close friend to blood enemy, as well as a unique offline mode, where players may cultivate learn masteries , be assigned an NPC role mineworkers, street performers and so on or school patrolling disciples.

Combat in Age of Wushu is also more exciting than your average MMO and with moves that will remind you of martial arts movies such as House of Flying Daggers.

This is a top where games actually have a storyline to them, making you use your brain as much as getting scared to death. These are horror games for the clever masses. Some puzzles are a bit glitchy but this is a nice little horror game. So One Night Full Circle offers you a good adventure plate with a lot of blood and scares along the way. Despite a storyline that seems to be all over the place, it still manages to be extremely engrossing nonetheless.

A fourth game is in development. The good Silent Hill games, let me stress that. Schuld is good psychological horror with a hint of action scenes and puzzles. Its generic cast decides to enter a generic abandoned mansion and then get hunted by a generic blue monster. Graphics have this retro charm and serve their purpose, which is to scare the living daylights out of you. Paranoiac is frustrating, in a good, horror game way. Well, perhaps only our number 4 manages to beat this game on the depressing factor, but The Crooked Man really tries hard.

With a very strong Silent Hill feel to it, this game puts you in the shoes of a failed man, David, who moves into a new home to try and get a break from bad luck. However, he begins hearing people crying and finding strange messages and so he decides to discover who the previous tenant in his apartment was. Like its protagonist, The Crooked Man is unsuccessful in some aspects, but manages to tell a depressing, mysterious tale. But those that persevere will be rewarded with a mysterious and passionate tale that is never quite explained.

This is a genuinely scary game and one of the finest examples of how to instill fear through a perfect mix of jumpscares, atmosphere and a crazy father who loves to conduct twisted experiments on humans. And Aya, the main character, looks a lot like an anime Alice to us, which is OK in our book. But the shocking thing about this game is the true ending. I mean, it will make you rethink the entire game and show a thing or two to a certain M.

Night Shyamalan. This game is living proof that one just needs imagination to create one of the most surprising horror games ever, without any need for bells and whistles. Every new room in this mysterious art gallery has a surprise in store, usually a spine-chilling one, and this is a game that those who experienced it without spoilers will never forget.

Ib is as good when it launched as it will be in 20 years. This is what dreams… I mean, nightmares are made of. Let us know if you agree with our choices and which other games you would include here.

But most importantly, enjoy them, get scared and have a new pair of pants at the ready. See you next time. This game features a rich story to support the tactical gameplay during combat. The pixel art style is clearly reminiscent of Japanese games, while combat offers enough depth to satisfy players looking for a challenge, with plenty of skills and weapons as well as mercenaries to hire.

Ildefonse is a free horror game developed by a small Portuguese indie team and one that tries to escape the worn out template that was made popular by Slender. The game is set in and the player is a lawyer that was hired to collect the testament papers from Mr.

However, in , Mr. Ildefonse was betrayed by his wife, who then fled with their children, driving him crazy and on a rampage against his employees. The first thing proving that Ildefonse actually had a lot of attention during development is the beautiful visuals. The lighting is amazing, textures are of rare high quality for a free horror game and the whole setting is so realistic that a small dark corridor is enough to give us goosebumps.

The way the light dims to adapt to the changes is also unusual, as well as the addition of a body model for the main character, complete with a hat.

While the game is scary enough based solely on the amazing quality of the natural sound effects dynamic footsteps, sound reverb, protagonist breathing and coughing , there are a few scary surprises along the way that would teach every Slender clone a thing or two.

Ildefonse won a special place among our favorite free horror games compilation. If you love playing horror games on your PC and Mac and Linux versions are also available , then this is absolutely recommended. Totally Tiny Arcade is a game made up of remakes of popular arcade games like space invaders and Pacman. The main objective of the game is to race through as many arcade games as possible within the time limit you have and gain the most points you can overall.

But that doesn’t make it bad; you can still have fun playing all these remakes. While this review is short, it’s definitely a fun game that compiles most old popular arcade games into one for you to easily play.

If you like the old arcade you’d definitely love this, if you’re not into the old arcade but want to see how many of them compare to modern games, this is a somewhat good representation.

Join the giveaway while it’s available by clicking here. Moonlight Online is a free MMORPG that was in the making for quite a few years and went through a revamp to change the visual identity of the game. Initially designed to please the immense Twilight crowd, IGG later decided to go for a more traditional, fantasy look that also made it more similar to other free MMO games such as Forsaken World.

In Moonlight Online players get to choose one of three races — human, vampire or werewolf — and save the world from evil. You play Mann Lee Gunns, one of the most dangerous men in the world, and the world has just declared war on him.

Man VS the World is your typical shoot’em up and explosive filled aircraft flying game. While this idea might not seem original and seems to be a very popular idea compared to what many others independent game developers have created, Man VS the World has a couple of different things you don’t normally see.

You aren’t forced to stay in a single vehicle like many other games, and there’s a reason for this, the aircrafts you can fly are very weak and so when a aircraft is destroyed and going to crash, you have to jump out and steal someone else’s aircraft. You can do this whenever you want even if you see an aircraft you just fancy. There are also some platforming elements, similar to what you can see in Super Mario Bros. This game has the usual type of graphics that these 2D arcade inspired games have 8-bit or bit graphics , which works well, and it also has its own rock music for the action scenes which is the whole game.

The only problem I had was the coins that you could collect.


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