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Beast Battle Simulator is a physics based battle simulator featuring a range of animals. Pit dinosaurs with machine guns against a hundred giraffes, complete. Beast Battle Simulator Is an exciting sandbox in which you can arrange monstrous battles limited only by your imagination.


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Beast Battle Simulator is a physics-based sandbox game for battle simulations with dinosaurs, animals and humans. Kamikaze Zebras VS. Beast Battle Simulator PC helps you to battle your reign with a T-Rex. How cool is that? If you want, then you can use your ammo, and the T-Rex. Download Beast Battle Simulator For Free on PC – Released on February 22, , Beast Battle Simulator is a physics based battle-simulation sandbox game.


Beast battle simulator free pc. Beast Battle Simulator Full Version Free Download


Kamikaze Zebras VS. T-Rex with laser guns, Lions with machine guns VS. Watch as the beasts dismember and rip each other apart in gory detail! BBS is fully physics simulated, so the beasts can smash and knock each other over in emergent ways. Every beast in the game has a unique fighting style and attack pattern. Beast Soccer BBS includes a Soccer gamemode in which you can pit beasts against each other for a violent game of soccer. Who plays better football: Brachiosaurus or Polar Bears?

Set up the match and find out for yourself! Weapon Attachments Customize your beasts by attaching weapons to them like machine guns, flame throwers, and bomb vests. Challenge Mode In challenge mode, you must construct a team of beasts to complete a given task for each level. The game features 60 challenges. From smashing down pyramids of crates, to beating big dinosaurs in GIANT beast soccer, to having to face the dreaded penguin king, each challenge offers a unique gameplay experience.

Sandbox Mode In sandbox mode, the only limit is your imagination. You set up both teams for a custom battle of whatever units you want. You can even edit the health. At any time during battle you can use left click to take control of a beast and join the battle! You can take over control of one of your living units at any time and have more of a direct influence over the fights but this feels a bit like cheating.

In the normal strategic mode, most of the battles provide a challenge requiring you to not only decide what strengths the animals you deploy should have; but also positioning on the field: If you start them further from the initial melee then they come in later. I constantly found that missions I was having difficulty with in strategic mode, I passed easily if I took over direct control. This game is amazing, the fact that the animals flail into battle is the best part, watching animals battle to the death is somewhat satisfying when they explode.

It would be cool to see more mechanical things, like robots or something like that, frogs would also be the best thing in existance for this game.

Seeing seagulls carrying mini nukes in there little feet would be amazing too. More levels would be cool too, and seeing props to place would also be neato to see. Watching a swarm of penguins vaporise a elephant is the 2nd best thing in this game. More sandbox maps would be amazing, and also commands you can tell your beasts in battle, and maybe multiplayer would be very cool too.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator. Im looking forward to the furture of this game, keep up the good work. The games would be over too quickly and too easy otherwise. This Game is fun, and while not completely unique. It does add some unique elements to the sandbox battle simulation genre that is rapidly growing. This game has more blood than any other games i had and yes I am saying that right away but this game is a 4. And its worth playing for the rest of my life…… I hope in the future that they continue adding levels and new units.

As I did enjoy the Challenges presented. Ship Graveyard Simulator. Even the Soccer or Futbol mode that they injected to break up some of the repetition. All in All a good simple game. This game is almost the best game! We present you Cyndy. Here you can make. Delivered by FeedBurner. Telephone Your telephone number is opetional.

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