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Indonesia furniture manufacture, Mindi furniture. Located at Jl. Soekarno-Hatta km 6, Annual Zip Post 59462, Jepara, central Java – Indonesia. Established since 1995, we are produced an Indoor furniture used best quality solid wood Melia azedarach. Our production capacity is sufficient for mass production, hotel projects, offices and housing. We chose Mindi wood as raw material due to several factors. Mindi solid wood very strength, durability and ease to be turned into furniture.

Solid Mindi wood has wood grain that are very similar to teak wood. Since solid Mindi wood has color is slightly pink when still wet but the color and light pink when dry. making mindi wood very easy in the process of coloring and top coating. Strong and also flexible making this wood not easily damaged due to collisions and loads.

Mindi Furniture as an Indonesia Furniture Manufacture

Capacity, our manufacture has reliable resources and ability to work for mass product quantity. Besides the ability to work on hotel and office projects with special designs. Mindi Furniture has decades of experience in the furniture production process with Mindi wood raw materials. There is no doubt, we are one of the most trusted furniture manufactures in the world. Our products are still of high quality even when working in large quantities.

Quality, Mindi furniture presented by Indonesia funriture manufacture will only offer high quality furniture products. Products that are resistant to climate, weather, mold and wood-damaging insect attacks. Quality Control Supervisor will be closely monitoring at every stage of the production process. We realize that competition in the world of furniture sales is very tight. Therefore we apply the motto of work Best Quality, Best Time Production and Best Price.

Best Quality, Customer only purchased high-quality products . High quality in strength, durability, design and beauty of product design. Best time production, timely production process and on-time delivery will make it easy for resellers to sell. Therefore relates to the availability of the number of goods on the market. Best price, only sell high quality furniture products at competitive prices. For the convenience of re-seller in making sales.

Accessibility, Shipping Around The World

We are open to work with resellers or users from all countries in the world. We will ship furniture orders wherever you are. Because Indonesia government has a good relationship with almost all countries in the world. So shipping goods wherever the destination country is not an obstacle for us. Because The country of Indonesia is not currently in a trade war with any country, this is very easy in the process of sending goods to any destination country.

Otherwise you can decorated your home, hotel rooms, offices, hospitals and housing using high quality Mindi furniture products. Feel the comfort and warmth of your home, office with a touch of natural decoration.

Please Contact our Customer support at the Hotline Phone / Whats app: +62 81 228 226 49, another Phone and Whats app line is +62 81 238 472 698 . It’s an honor to work together and decorated your indoor furniture needs.

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