Chinaberry Furniture. WE ARE A FURNITURE AND WHOLESALE MANUFACTURER, producing quality furniture made from solid Chinaberry wood. Mindi’s furniture is located on Jl. Soekarno-Hatta Km 6 Tahun, Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia. Experience in Chinaberry woodworking for almost 25 years. For your information, we have a furniture production warehouse covering an area of ​​approximately one hectare located in Tahunan, Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia. Buildings are built and designed to meet the FSC and SVLK Work Operational standards. Our manufacturing location is very strategic, with access roads that are very accessible for transport trucks.

Mindi Furniture has 4 kiln dry rooms with a capacity of 20 cubic meters per room. Ergonomic division design and neat arrangement for easy access and workmanship in the production of furniture. Starting from the process of drying wood, containment, assembly, coloring, up to the area of ​​packaging and storage before shipping to the destination country. Good relations between Indonesia and almost all countries in the world enable us to ship products without any problems.

Further Mindi Furniture is one of the few trusted world-class furniture production companies, we are very open and ready to work with furniture resellers in all parts of the world. without limiting the minimum number of orders we have to work on. We are able to work in mass production, hotel projects, offices, hospitals, housing or residences. We are also very open in working on projects with special designs to customer requests.


Further Mindi furniture, furniture manufacture and wholesale. producing furniture with the main raw material of chinaberry wood (Melia Azedarach). Wood that has the characteristics of light, strong, flexible, reddish brown color. With the performance of wood fibers similar to teak (Tectona grandis Lf). With the right processing techniques, this type of wood is very strong resistant to attack by fungus, insects, climate and weather. Very suitable in use to produce indoor furniture. Melia azedarach tree is a type of tree origin from the Southeast Asia region, and is a type of plant that is managed for the benefit / supply of raw materials for the wood processing industry.

Also the performance of wood fiber which is very beautiful is similar to the performance of teak wood fiber, making this Chinaberry wood very good for processing furniture. Some of these factors make Mindi wood one of the favorite furniture products. Because with the correct processing and structured in accordance with the characteristics of chinaberry wood, will produce high quality products. Furniture products made from chinaberry wood are very resistant to insects, fungi, weather and climate.

Another story about Mindi Furniture, furniture manufacture and wholesale. actively participating in efforts to preserve the environment on a local and global scale. We only use timber from the planting or management of legal industrial plantations. We just want to make sure that our production activities do not damage the environment because of illegal logging. Working with us means that you participate in efforts to preserve the environment.