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Furniture Great Sale 2020, Mindi furniture as part of Kharisma Jati Group located on Jl. Soekarno Hatta km 6 Wonosari, Tahunan, Jepara, Central Java. Indonesia. Conduct a sales program with a discounted price of up to 20 percent. For furniture items that are on the great sale 2020 sales list. Check the details in the sales list and contact our contact number at +62 81 238 472 698. We will respond as soon as possible. It will be an honor for us to be able to participate in the effort. To normalize the lives of people affected by the Corona virus outbreak (Covid-19).

As part of caring for the Covid-19 pandemic that is sweeping across all parts of the world. Mindi Furniture will make a donation of part of our sales to the affected communities. Due to the Corona outbreak (Covid-19). Made the effort to ease the burden of living costs. For the people who were directly affected by the covid-19 virus outbreak.

Great Sale furniture in Minnesota

We really hope that the tragedy that occurred in Minnesota America can soon subside, Life goes on normally again. Hope for the creation of a peaceful life without violence, mutual respect, mutual support, without any sense of domination. We only hope that the tragedy does not lead to chaos, destruction of property, and looting on a larger scale.

For those of you who live in Minnesota, America. We will give you a special price to support your efforts. To recover from the 19th plague and the tragedy that occurred on May 25, 2020. Another Concerning violence and destruction and looting, because that will only make your problem bigger.

About Great sale Program

As we said in front, we sell furniture with special prices. And we will donate a portion of the sale of furniture. To the people affected by the corona virus outbreak. The types, models and details of furniture that we sell in this program. Can be seen by you and the details and specifications.

The furniture is Indoor furniture made from teak wood (Tectona Grandhis. Lf.) And Mindi wood (Melia azedarach. L) and Mahony (Swietenia Mahogany). Thank you to all of you who have taken part in and supported our program. In the effort to prevent the spread of Covid 19. And efforts to help alleviate the burden of living costs of affected communities

furniture great sale 2020
furniture great sale 2020

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